Meet the Band

Irvine and Dreghorn Senior band rehearse Wednesday 7.30-9.30 and Sunday 7-9

We welcome all players to the band. Please get in touch if you are interested in joining the band!

We are always looking for player sponsors, see our Player Sponsors page for more details

Click on a player for more details.

Helen Douthwaite Conductor
Derek Leitch Principal Cornet
Sarah Cleland Soprano Cornet
Robyn Cole Solo Cornet
Christy Kerr Solo Cornet
Heather Dunlop Solo Cornet
Hazel Ramage Solo Cornet
Laura Anderson Repiano Cornet
Kelda McMichael 2nd Cornet
Margo Parr 2nd Cornet
Rebecca Smith 3rd Cornet
Emily O’Dowd 3rd Cornet
Carolyn Loveridge 3rd Cornet
Hayley Dickson Flugel
Anne Taylor Solo Horn
Jean Taylor 1st Horn
Catriona McIntyre 2nd Horn
Dawn Spence Solo Euphonium
Scott Bilby & Eilidh Houston 2nd Euphonium
Kirsty Stephen 1st Baritone
Steven Purss 2nd Baritone
Greg Halbert 1st Trombone
Phyl Fleming 2nd Trombone
Louise Paterson Bass Trombone
Laura Shannon Eb Bass
Alister Cush Eb Bass
Colin Stevely Bb Bass
Andrew Gibson Bb Bass
Carrie Boax Percussion
Jordan Dickson Percussion

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